A Thrifty Easter Monday

On Easter Monday I had a super relaxed day, I actually had a lie in for the first day of the whole bank holiday – I know right, what is wrong with me? So after I’d prised myself out of bed at 10:30 I managed to convince my sister to join me for a relaxing sit in Starbucks before mooching around Clapham. One pain au chocolat and vanilla latte later we were thrifting our way through the charity shops along Clapham High Street and yet again I ended up with some brilliant bargains.

As previously mentioned here I bought a dress for a birthday event at the end of May. The dress is gorgeous, yet I don’t have any shoes to go with it. As we left Starbucks I was bemoaning the lack of shoes for the outfit and wondering if I could get some relatively cheaply somewhere. Well someone must have been listening because barely 20 minutes later I walked into a charity shop and saw the below gorgeous shoes. The colour is identical to the red on my dress and the material is a sumptuous suede – plus they were just £9! Luckily for me, when I tried them on they fitted absolutely perfectly so obviously I had to get them.


In the same shop I also found this lovely pink v neck jumper from Jack Wills, again in the perfect size, again for a great price – £5. Weirdly I was contemplating a very similar jumper in Jack Wills the other day, but I restrained myself as its just too expensive for me to get. So I just couldn’t resist this one especially as we all know my jumper obsession!


Add to this two paperbacks and this Laura is one happy bunny – yay to me! I do think I am now getting quite addicted to searching through charity shops though, I’m alright searching for some other good shops near me. Can anyone recommend any other good charity shops?

Lau xxx


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