Lovely pics, Dory and Taylor Swift – favourite things

This week I wanted to share my gorgeous new desktop background with you. It’s a free download from the extremely talented Claire from House of Clicks. It’s available to download from her blog and her flickr site (here). The photo and design are her own and with a different design each month it’s the perfect background for you computer. I personally love the fact that it includes a monthly calendar as I can never remember what the date is!

Also I cannot explain how incredibly excited I am about the announcement of a new Finding Nemo film – whoever decided to make Finding Dory is a genius!

Screen shot 2013-04-04 at 17.17.48

Ove the Easter weekend I went to Jamie’s Italian. I love this restaurant and the two course I ordered were unbelievable delicious. If you’re ever there then do try the pumpkin and mozzarella nachos – seriously no words to describe how good these are! Also the pasta is to die for, I had the special of the day, which basically consisted of all different types of meat from their cold cuts with a tomato sauce and tagliatelle. DIVINE!

Finally, last night somehow the topic turned to The Ellen Show – yes probably because we were all excited about Finding Dory. Anyway,this discussion led to watching numerous youtube videos from the show and then deciding that I should share them all with you, so here they are – Funnily enough they both involve Taylor Swift, but I think that’s because she’s just naturally brilliant, let’s be honest who doesn’t harbour a slight girl crush on Miss Swift.

Just one more thing, how cute would Zac Efron and Taylor Swift’s babies be? Yes I know they’re not together, but if they were and if they had babies…cute!

Lau xxx

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