Birthday chatter, GoT and Paramore love

First on the list of my favourite things this week is the fact that today is my Birthday Eve – yes, tomorrow I turn the grand old age of 28 – exciting times! Although just to say I definitely don’t feel that old, especially as my excitement seems to be at the same levels as when I was five. Seriously I’m not sure i’ll be able to sleep tonight! My birthday brings all those fun things; days off work, brunch, theatre, family time, cake, mooching around London and of course presents – with a list like that what’s not to love!

Along with it being my birthday it’s also my sister’s – being a twin you’d expect that. So I’ve been having much fun (with my other sis) picking out presents, finding that perfect birthday card and deciding on wrapping paper and ribbon – yes there must be ribbon. And bows. Always bows! I love buying presents so this has been just as much fun as counting down the sleeps until the big day.

It’s official I have become slightly obsessed with Game of Thrones. I’ve read the first two books in the series, but hadn’t got around to watching the TV version – my old sky box deleted it. since Easter I have been making my way through series 2 thanks to the catch up option on Sky. I freakin’ LOVE this show. Plus take a look at this from Buzzfeed, it’s the GoT cast being ‘normal’!

Also I have finally got back into knitting. More about this at a later date, but I am seriously loving being all crafty again. Plus it’s so relaxing and it stops me from snacking. Nope, sorry Mr Easter Egg I can’t eat you as my hands are busy and I can’t get chocolate on this lovely wool now, can I?

How did I miss that Paramore had a new album? I’ve been waiting years for their next offering. I’ve been listening to the new album; Paramore for the last two days almost continually and it definitely doesn’t disappoint. My favourite songs so far are Grow Up – loving the lyrics – ‘Some of us have to grow up sometime, so if I have to, I’m gonna leave you behind’?, and Ain’t it Fun which feels a bit 80s, i don’t know why, just my weird mind probably. Plus it just makes me smile as soon as it starts up. Time to plan a road trip I think as it’s perfect singing (shouting) while driving music! Make sure you check it out.

And finally take a look at this video of Jennifer Lawrence funny moments. Quite possibly the coolest person to ever win an Oscar?

Hope everyone’s having a good week.

Lau xxx

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