A week of Birthday fun


This week has been fantabulous! Not only have I reached the grand old age of 28, but I have had a bloody fantastic time getting to it. The week when a little something like this –

Monday – Thursday

– Work, work, work

– A night of homemade pizza making and eating

– Lunchtime visit to a photography exhibit at Somerset House – not what I was expecting but at least I saw the newly uncovered water fountains

– Watching The Avengers Assemble

– Present wrapping for Fi – Pink tissue paper and black ribbon and bows

– Enjoying copious amounts of cake and biscuits courtesy of the lovely people from work – 2 packs of biscuits, 9 mini cupcakes, 12 caramel shortcakes and TWO birthday cakes

Friday – It’s my birthday!

– Woke up to a pile of presents to open – details of which deserve their own post, so keep your eyes peeled in the not so distant future.

– Discovered that Fi and I had done a bit of a twin moment with our wrapping, both with pink paper and black ribbon – all credit to Becca who didn’t mention a thing about this. I mean really what could she say?

– Time for brunch at The Riding House Cafe – I went for a Rickshaw fruit smoothie and a plate of scrambled eggs and smoked salmon – totally delicious. You should all try this place.

– Mooch around Oxford street and then a wander to Leicester Square to pick up some last minute tickets to a show.

– Stop for coffee and then back home for a recharge – a couple of sneaky Game of Thrones episodes and birthday cake!

– Diner at Zizzi’s before watching a musical – We Will Rock You. A super dooper great show. Funnily enough Fi and I saw this on our 18th birthday – I bought her the tickets, so it was somewhat brilliant that we watched the same show together 10 years later.

Saturday – 

– Early morning run – 4.08 miles

– A slice of birthday cake!

– Train to Esher, to meet up with Mummy Evans for a bit of shopping before lunch at The Medicine Garden.

– Dinner with both parents at The Seahorse, a lovely little pub near Guildford. The food was delicious, definitely going to have to head back there again soon.

Sunday – 

– Lazy morning and leisurely breakfast watching the family of foxes (mum and cubs) at the bottom of my parents garden. Lots and lots of cooing occurred!

– Trip to The Gap Outlet store for some bargain hunting – returning with 2 pairs of jeans and a stripy t-shirt.

– Long ambling drive home via West Wittering, Chichester and then Guildford.

– Roast dinner

– Back to London – lazy evening watching The Masters and setting up my new laptop – it makes writing this post so much easier + it’s pink!

All in all a lovely time was had – HAPPY DAYS!

Lau xxx



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