Music, new blogs and pretty pictures

Well will you look at that? The sun seems to be a shining in London Town, triple yippee for this! Although let’s hope I haven’t just jinxed things and sent snow flurries our way!

I am absolutely loving Just Give me a Reason by Pink and featuring Nate Ruess, I just can’t stop listening to it this week. I can just imagine myself on a road trip with my sisters blasting out the music and singing along – we’d be completely out of tune of course, but it would be so much fun!

I’ve just started following Perspective Pictures on Twitter as they share some amazing pictures. Take a look at this musical landscape. Isn’t it stunning?

Also check out a new blog that I discovered on Monday – Raspberri cupcakes – it’s a fabulous Sydney baking blog with gorgeous food photos and delicious looking recipes. At first glance my favouites so far are the Gummy Bear Layer Cake and the Pretzel and M&M Cheesecake. Plus who wouldn’t want to make and/or eat these colourful looking things? Rainbow Rice Krispies Treats – Genius!

One final thing that needs marking – WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS! Yes I’m a football fan and a big supporter of Manchester United so I’m extremely excited right now. We won the league with 4 games still to play. Woop woop!

Lau xxx


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