Post birthday wishlist

Why is it that as soon as Christmas or my birthday is over I suddenly find lots of things that I want need to own? It’s not like I wasn’t actively looking for new things to add to my birthday list at least a full month before the big day hit. Yet suddenly come April 13th I’m seeing lovely bits everywhere. This is doubley a shame as I have earmarked my birthday money for a new dress for a party next month. Yay for me and the party, but nay for me allowing myself to buy any of the items below!

Dog jumper – Floral satchelScalloped cross body bagCandy Stripe scarf

Earrings – GiletButterfly top – Inferno – Six Years

Yes it seems I’ve also gone a bit made on the Tesco website – a jumper, two bags and a scarf! – but I’m simply loving the Florence and Fred range at the moment. Because really, when you can get a gorgeous bag for £10 and a summery scarf for £5, what’s not to love? I only wish there was a Tesco store that had a clothes section nearby, I much prefer physical shopping over online shopping.

The earrings are from Fat Face, a shop I haven’t been in for ages until recently when I wandered in while killing time around Covent Garden and I was sold hook, line and sinker. Plus I love the colour of that gilet and the butterfly pattern on that top – if only it wasn’t white though as there’s no way I can buy it. We all know I’ll manage to drop tomato pips down myself the first time I wear it!

Then there’s all the books that I’ve just discovered exist. How did I not realise that these were out? Clearly I need to spend some more time in bookshops! There’s the latest Dan Brown, Harlen Coben and some David Baldacci titles that I’ve not read. Plus let’s not forget the latest Jodi Picoult book and I need to read the rest of The Game of Thrones series from Book 3 onwards.

Lau xxx

p.s I will be posting about my wonderful birthday presents soon, I promise.


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