Sunshine, five days at work and lovely eats out

What with all the long weekends I’ve had recently it probably doesn’t surprise you when I say that this past week was my first five day week at work for quite some time. And by golly was it hard! Clearly I’ve gotten too used to having four day weekends! The week has also been incredibly busy and yet I inexplicably have hardly any pics to show for it. Oopsy! My week has gone a little something like this…

  • Two sunny walks to work
  • One catch up with friends that included West Wing episodes, fish finger sandwiches, holiday chatter and belated birthday presents – I finally got that address book and gorgeous Cath Kidston goodies, plus i’m returning a duplicate present for (hopefully) pug cushions!
  • A trip to the gym – 30 mins on the cross trainer for me.
  • Yo Sushi to use my birthday voucher – I swear it actually tastes better with 30% off
  • Spotted 2 ‘celebrities’ around the Southbank post Yo Sushi! fun
  • Wore summer clothes – a long skirt so I still haven’t got these pasty white legs out!
  • Spent a couple of chilled out hours in Green Park
  • Dinner at The Wolsley – which included whitebait, rib eye and vanilla millefeuille, plus wine. Delicious.
  • Spotted David Heyman, Jemima Khan and Emma Watson, all dining in the same restaurant!
  • Listened to a lot of music on Spotify – Bastille, Nashville soundtrack, John Mayer and Lady Antebellum.
  • Friday night viewing of Iron Man 3 – such a fun film. I love RDJ.
  • Finally had a weekend lie-in. Waking up at 10:30 was amazing and definitely needed.
  • Shopping in Clapham for final bits for next week’s jaunt to Newcastle. New shoes from M&S – I love that they do half sizes.
  • Gym Time.
  • Finished my final Easter Egg – sad sad times. How long until they’re back in the shops? Anyone know?
  • Early Sunday run through London town – saw Trafalgar Square, Picadilly, Green Park, Buckingham Palace, St James’ Park, Horse Guard’s Parade, Whitehall, Westminster Bridge and The Southbank.
  • Brunch at Tom’s Kitchen Somerset House with the parentals. I went for the the French Toast brioche (and a champagne cocktail!)
  • Sofa time with Game of Thrones. Almost through Season 2.
  • Spinning class – nope I didn’t cancel it for a nap this time!

Lau xxx

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