Fantabulous birthday presents

So you’re obviously wondering exactly how many posts I can stretch my birthday across, I’m doing quite well so far aren’t I?! This is the last one I promise – well until next year that is!

I got a host of lovely things from all of my favourite people. You will notice that I was lucky enough to get a few items from previous posts on here, clearly people have been paying attention to me after all. Here’s a quick run through –

  • One shiny new laptop
  • One new kindle case
  • The Casual Vacancy
  • One lovely mug with a cat wearing glasses on it (big love)
  • One gorgeous green jewellery stand
  • One set of pug bedding
  • One lovely new address book
  • One book on The Art of Handmade Living
  • One gorgeous colourful scarf
  • One walk from the London Walks company
  • One pack of Jammie Dodgers (yummy yum yum)
  • Lots of lovely pennies (and notes)
  • One lovely Cath Kidston make up/wash bag
  • Lots of delicious cakes and cake pops
  • Giant knitting needles with purple ends
  • One new set of kitchen knives
  • One pot of pink nail varnish
  • A handmade cross stitch sampler
  • One gorgeous green pillow with a pug face – yes apparently i’m obsessed with the pug!

I think you’ll agree there are lots of lovely things to be happy and grateful for.

Lau xxx

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