Things that make me uncomfortable – Day 3

Two blog posts in one day, aren’t you lucky lucky people!

For day 3 of the Blog every day in May challenge Jenni has asked us to discuss ‘Things that make us uncomfortable’. Oooo what a great topic. This is so much better than yesterday’s challenge – and by that I mean that I will be so much better at it!

Here we go, three things that make me uncomfortable –

Walking into a room full of unknown people – I’m quite a shy person so just the thought of walking into a room of people who all know each other and that I don’t know makes me uncomfortable. I think it’s because I have a fear of not being good enough or of making an idiot of myself – silly really but I didn’t say I was rational!

Compliments – Yes, really. Getting a compliment makes me feel uncomfortable. I just don’t know what to do or say, and I end up saying thanks and passing it off to someone else. For example; complimenting person – ‘Lau these cakes look delicious’, Me – ‘well you haven’t tasted them yet, they might be gross’ – yes seriously! What is wrong with me?

Walking past a homeless person – yes this is an odd one, but for some reason I always feel uncomfortable when I walk past a homeless person on the street, I think it’s because I somehow feel guilty that I have a good life in comparison. Another completely irrational thought process going on here!

Lau xxx


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