Sharing the love – Day 5

I made it to day 5 – woop woop. Seriously let’s be honest no one actually thought this could happen did they?! I think what’s even more impressive here is that I’ve been away since Friday, so I actually scheduled all posts up to, and including tomorrow (Monday) before I left – totes impressive right? All down to missing a spinning class, not sitting in the sun on Friday lunchtime and free wifi on a two hour train journey.

Anyway back to today’s task – Day 5, Sunday: Publicly profess your love and devotion for one of your blogger friends. What makes them great? Why do you love them?

So today I’m chatting about Lauren who you can all find right here. Lauren and I actually met in person first rather than in the blogging sphere when she worked in my office for a few months and was lucky enough to sit next to little old me.

We soon became firm friends over our need love for coffee, chocolate and the odd glass of wine. Plus a belief that you can lose weight even with the previously mentioned daily coffee and chocolate. Anyway I discovered that Lauren had a blog which was completely exciting as I also had a blog. Not this one though, no a baking blog which my sister and I started a couple of years ago – cook bake and eat – it’s all about trying new recipes and getting out of the rutt of cooking the same food week in week out. Sidetracked again, so Lauren’s blog started as a way to document her monumental weight loss but it’s also an insight into the everyday trials and traumas of a twenty something girl working out her life and she seems to do it all so admirably. Now Lauren doesn’t have a regular blogging schedule (she’s just too busy with life!) but when she does you know that what she has to say will be completely honest, laugh out loud funny and perfectly written. You can definitely tell she’s got an English degree!

Some of my favourite posts of hers are struggling and love the skin you’re in. Hopefully she doesn’t hate me for adding this last one in but I seriously admire her courage to post ‘that’ photo. Also check out Food Porn – I had no idea the walk from Embankment to the office was so littered with eateries!

The main reason I chose Lauren’s blog for this post is because reading her blog made me decide to start this one. Previously I’d only ever chatted about food and restaurants but I was itching to take things to a more personal level. But then I wondered would I be any good at it, would I have anything to say and would anyone actually read it? Not that it matters but I was secretly worried that people would be mean and no one wants to deal with that. Anyway i found Lauren’s blog and suddenly something clicked in me and the rest I guess is history as I’ve had this little corner of the web from over six months now and I can honestly, hand on my heart, say I’ve loved every minute of it.

Lau xxx

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