An unusual phobia – Day 7

Today’s blog every day in May topic is ‘the thing(s) you’re most afraid of’. I know that a lot of people will talk about more obvious fears – like death, flying, lightning and tunnels – all of which I am afraid of, but I’m going to leave these and talk about something else, something that’s going to make you realise just how odd I am! So here we go, I have a pea phobia. Yes I hate those little green vegetable that everyone loves! Admit it, you want to call the men in white coats don’t you?!

So what is it about peas I hear you ask? Well it’s everything about them; the smell, taste, texture, look – urgh gross! I actually once stood on one with bare feet and I was scared for life! In fact just thinking about it now gives me the shivers. I have no idea where this phobia comes from, because as a child I remember eating them a lot. But now I have to physically remove them from any dish that has them in.

Hopefully everyone else has an odd fear too. It can’t just be me, can it?

Lau xxx

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