Bags, tumbles and new lunch items – my favourite things

Hello lovely people, how are you all this week? Firstly i’d just like to say that I am slightly depressed over the news that Sir Alex is retiring. Now for any non football fans out there i’m sure you couldn’t care less, but seeing as i’m a big Manchester United fan I can’t not mention this news. It’s seriously the end of an era for English football in general and man those are going to be some big shoes to fill.

Now that’s discussed i’m going to start this week’s favourite things list by saying that I am seriously loving the blog every day in May challenge, it’s a seriously genius idea and i’m so pleased to be taking part. I hope you haven’t got too annoyed by the numerous blog posts to read though!

Tumblr might be my new favourite internet site…I used to use Tumblr for a short time, before I got distracted by other things, but I think if i’d have been following the tumbles (made up use of the word) in this post from Fi then i’d probably still have an account! I must have spent a good four hours scrolling through these. What a fabulous way to waste some time!

I’ve also fallen in love with this bag from Oasis, which I spotted while shopping with the sisters in Newcastle. I adore the cut out flower pattern and it’s a gorgeous spring/summer colour. I very nearly bought it as I do need a new bag – my favourite everyday bag has got completely ripped lining –  but I had to remind myself that actually this was a bit too smart for what I actually need it for. It screams professional work bag to me rather than everyday bag. So i’m back to looking for now, although it is still on my radar and maybe i’ll change my mind!


This week I tried a new sandwich and then promptly became obsessed with it. It’s the Chicken Sesame Sushi Wrap from Pret and it contains chicken, ginger, brocoli, red pepper and spinach all rolled up in a wrap and nori roll. Totally delicious – go on try it. I know you’ll love it.

That’s it for now but I’ll be back later for today’s ‘Blog every day’ topic.

Lau xxx


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