Embarrassment – Day 10

Today’s topic is to talk about my most embarrassing moment, and rather embarrassingly I can’t really think of any. It’s not that I don’t do stupid things – believe me I do, but I just don’t feel embarrassed about it. I think if you knew my family you’d understand why. You see the Evans clan are a pretty sarcastic bunch and are more than willing to jump on any wrong little thing that you might do or say. We all do it you see so we’re used to making idiots of ourselves and being laughed at. It’s just the done thing!So I think either I’ve been embarrassed so many times that it has just become normal! 

I do however get embarrassed for other people. I can’t watch TV where someone is making an idiot of themselves – something like You’ve Been Framed, ‘normal’ people giving opinions on TV or the early rounds of X Factor are turned off immediately. It’s just cringe making!


Lau xxx


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