Busy week and lazy weekend -my week

This week has been a mixture of evening with friends, relaxing weekends and recovering from the bank holiday weekend.

  • postponed walks to work due to rain and tiredness (mostly tiredness)
  • bag envy – why didn’t I see the Kate Spade beauty below first (and why can’t I afford it)!
  • dressing for summer – wicker bag, cream cardi, flower print denim dress, pink pumps and pastel nails
  • obsessing over newly discovered Propercorn and strawberries
  • pizza and cocktails with work girls
  • Saturday shopping and lunch with my Mum – returned 2 things and bought one Good Luck card
  • Sunday run of 4.5 miles
  • spinning class
  • two for 1 cocktails at Concrete
  • West Wing viewing and catching up with friends (in my PJs)
  • still no lie in longer than 8am  😦
  • catching up on old episodes of Masterchef Australia
  • long meeting at work causing me to not eat lunch until 3am – crazy times

Hope everyone else has been having fun. Lau xxx


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