A Day in my Life – Day 15

I’m not sure looking at a typical day of mine is going to be that inspiring, but here goes it…

Alarm blares. I struggle to find my phone on my bedside table and then turn it off. Look at twitter, facebook and emails – delete any useless emails (about 90%) and leave the rest unread for later. Tear myself out of bed and make my way to the bathroom now that it’s empty.

Next I get dressed, grab lunch and i’m out the door. My commute to work is either a quick march to work (3 miles in 45 mins) or a bus journey which works out at 20 minutes on the bus and 30 minutes waiting for it – I much prefer to walk though so provided I can get out of bed on time and the weather is cooperating I walk.

By 8:30 i’m entering my building either with coffee in hand (courtesy of Pret/Eat or Starbucks) or my first stop is the kitchen to make one. Breakfast happens at work – either my own cereal or toast from the canteen both eaten at my desk.

Then i’ll spend the day answering emails, looking at pictures, chasing contracts, confirming image rights, supplying images to book teams and working in google docs. All while plugged into Spotify. My musical tastes at the moment include To Kill a King, Jake Bugg, Paramore, The Goo Goo Dolls, Bastille, Scott Grimes and music from Nashville with a bit of classical thrown into the mix as well. Basicallyi’ll listen to whatever gets me through the day!

My lunch hour is spent away from my desk next to a window that overlooks the River Thames (or on that rare sunny day outside in the park) gossiping with friends and eating my homemade lunch. Anything from salads, sandwiches and leftovers. Occasionally I’ll be bad and buy lunch – Eat’s Turkey & Cranberry sandwich or a baked potato from the work canteen.

At 5pm on the dot i’m in the lift, out the door and onto the 87 bus home.

If I don’t have plans then a typical evening would see me chilling out on the sofa, cooking dinner with my sister/housemate and catching up on my favourite tv series (Game of Thrones/Grey’s Anatomy/Doctor Who/Chicago Fire) on my Sky box. And keeping up with various social sites and blogs of course! Monday is turning into pub quiz night with friends. Plus I try to do some form of exercise a couple of nights a week, be it a spin class, a run, the gym or even just a 20 minute DVD workout. Then there’s trips to the theatre, cinema, West Wing evenings and trips out for dinner/drinks to fit in too.

Then it’s time to collapse into bed for sleep time and one or two odd dreams too.

Lau xxx


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