Photo time – Day 17

Day 17 – Post a favorite photo of yourself

Another day when the prompt sounds easy, and yet another day when I can’t seem to comply to the rules. How can I pick one image? That’s just silly. Most of the time I hate how I look in pictures so for me to like a photo I have to like the memory surrounding it. I think most people take photos when they want to take a snapshot of a moment in time – I know when I look at photos I am immediately assaulted by the memories, tastes, smells and emotions of that moment.


This is a typical picture of me and oddly enough these are the photos of myself that I tend to like. Here I am trying to blow up a balloon and utterly failing. We were trying to make some kind of Hen Weekend appropriate ballon structure but we completely failed. Balloons that actually blow up are kind of a necessary requirement! As soon as I see this I’m back in Bristol laughing again.


I’ve chosen this one purely because my smile doesn’t offend me. Plus I’m totally relaxed in Portugal in the sun. And my freckles are out. I like my freckles!

Hope these weren’t too hideous for you to look at.

Happy Friday Lau xxxx


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