Childhood memories – Day 18

Today’s prompt is all about childhood memories. So I’ve decided to tell you all about my how I used to spend my Saturday mornings for the majority of my childhood.

For as long as I can remember my Dad has always done the weekly shop early on a Saturday morning – in fact he still does – and he would always take me and my sisters with him .According to my Mum he started doing the cooking when she was pregnant with me and my twin sister so he also took over the food shopping. Once we were old enough and waking up super early – terrible twos – he would take us with him. Probably to give my Mum a break as he would spend Saturday afternoon playing golf and leave the heathen children with her!Either way however it started it soon turned into a weekly tradition. We’d pile into the car and arrive at Sainsbury’s by 8am – any later and my Dad would get annoyed with all the other people in the supermarket and get started on the shop. Thinking back now my Dad must have had the patience of a saint to do a supermarket shop with two (and then three) girls as I’m sure there were loads of tantrums and issues, but that’s not what I remember. I remember riding in the trolley and going super fast in the empty aisles. I remember races to collect products on the list and the moments where we’d get to choose things. I think that’s how my Dad kept us under control as we’d be able to choose things at three points around the shop. First we’d stop for a magazine each, then we’d get to choose a flavoured milkshake and finally it would be a visit to the cake counter to pick up the treat of our choice for that afternoon. I’d always go for a gingerbread man with chocolate dipped feet and hands and smartie buttons – they always had to be orange. Thinking back now I’d always be excited to show Mum what I’d chosen and she always acted surprised even though it was always the very same gingerbread man and milkshake (chocolate) – gotta love the parents ability to find wonder in everything their child does. We’d always return from the supermarket with breakfast supplies so we’d unpack the shopping and then we’d feast on french bread, croissants, butter and jam. Plus the previously chosen milkshake.

This Saturday morning tradition continued for all of my childhood, although my participation in it was slightly disrupted by love of my bed and lie ins. If I’m honest for most of my teenage years I would surface in time for the breakfast part of it. Usually arriving in the kitchen as everything was unpacked – a great skill I admit!

I will always treasure these moments with my Dad, where we’d get to take turns sitting in the front seat and catching up on each others week. I like to think he enjoyed himself too, I mean surely he wouldn’t continue doing it if it was hideous. Would he?

Also I’ve just realised that maybe I need to blame Dad for my love of shopping because from an early age even the chore of supermarket shopping was tremendously fun. I must make sure I share that with him!

Thanks for listening to my rambling memories.

Lau xxx


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