Blog Love – Day 19

Today’s prompt in the Blog Every Day in May challenge is to discuss five of my favourite blogs. I’m actually only going to share my two favourites with you today. These are the two blogs that I always always read first. Plus I know both these people so of course i’m going to find their blogs the most interesting. :p – this blog belongs to my sister, so obviously I have to love it! But most of the time I am just jealous of the things that writes about. I love her weekly Pinterest corner and I kind of wish I’d thought of it first. Or made the effort to do the same thing too. My favourites are this post, this one and this one. I also love all her Currently Coveting posts. Mainly because we have similar tastes so actually she ends up pointing out all the things that I want to own. So it’s all the fun of admiring things without having to search them out! – The other blog that I love is this one. My very talented Photography friend has finally set up a blog to share all her creative things with the rest of the world. It’s possible that I may have continually bugged Claire until she set it up. As well as a place to share all her photos – my favourites at the moment are these Cactus shots – the blog is also full of helpful DIY tutorials with step by steps, freebies like desktop calenders and recipe cards and Motivational Monday quotes. It’s also a beautiful looking blog so go check it out.

Lau xxx

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