Struggles – Day 20

Day 20, Monday: Get real. Share something you’re struggling with right now.

Firstly I’m going to start this post with a bit of positivity as I think it’s going to go downhill pretty quickly from there. So let’s all celebrate that I have made it 20 days of blogging every day – Whoop whoop! Who’d have thought it!

Okay so back to the negative, what am I struggling with at the moment…

Getting out of bed – why is this always so hard? And why is my bed always so warm and soft and comfy?
Willpower – My willpower has gone out the window, which means I can’t make myself get out of bed, nevermind walk to work or put the lid back on the tube of pringles.
Staying positive – I am so negative right now. I am such a moaning Minnie that I’m even annoying myself, so god knows what others are thinking of me. But I just can’t get out of it. It’s hideous.
Starting the morning without coffee – it just can’t be done.
I know this is a pretty small and unsubstantial list but to be honest I don’t really want to discuss my main issue on here right now. One downside of having a blog is that you never know who’s going to read this and on that note my main struggle isn’t really something I can, nor want to discuss in public. Don’t start panicking it’s nothing bad, I promise. I’ll just have to continue complaining to certain people about it instead!
How about you guys, is there anything you are struggling with right now?
Lau xx

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