The School of Life – Day 23

Day 23 of blog every day in May is things you’ve learned that school won’t teach you…

To manage my own money – how is budgeting/accountancy not a required course at all secondary schools? Instead you learn algebra and surds. Has anyone ever had to use these since GCSE Math? Along the same lines, credit cards, store cards and loans – these need to be explained properly to everyone. They are not free money people, you will have to pay them back. Thankfully I have an accountant for a Dad and he has always explained the importance of paying a credit card off each month.

To be independent and to trust myself to be able to make good decisions – living at university and travelling the globe helped me grow up so much. School is such a sheltered time of life.

How to get along with people you don’t actually like – because let’s be honest ignoring them is not an option in real life once you start to work!

That sometimes cake and coffee is the only thing to get you through the day.

The difference between affect and effect – although technically I still haven’t worked this one out!

Lau xxx


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