My (weekly) favourite things and my worst traits – Day 24

So today is all about my three worst traits. I’ve actually mentioned one of my worst traits way back in the early stages of this challenge. It’s my inability to believe in myself. I’m not going to go through this again as you’ve definitely heard it all before, but if not then pop on over to Day 2 and read about it there. My second worst trait is worrying too much. I’m such a worry wart all the time. I seem to worry about the stupidest little things and then have to pick through them in minute detail and come up with the most outlandish outcomes you can imagine. The third and final trait to discuss is my grumpiness. When i’m tired I get unbelievably grumpy and then snappy. A word to the wise, get between me and my bed and I turn into a mean mean girl.

So that was short and not so sweet, but I also wanted to chat about my weekly favourite things too.

Firstly, I went to see The Great Gatsby film earlier in the week and oh my wow it was amazingly brilliant. Has anyone else seen it yet? What did you think? I thought it was a great version of the book, and really really enjoyed it. It seemed really quick too. Plus the music is gorgeous. Emeli Sande singing Crazy in Love – genius! Also I have to admit that I am a huge fan of Baz Luhrmann films. I remember watching Strictly Ballroom over and over again when I was young, I just loved it. Then there came Romeo and Juliet, another brilliant Luhrmann film also with Leo, coincidence? I think not.

Next I’ve just finished book three of the Game of Thrones series – A Storm of Swords: Part 1 Steel and Snow. I love this series, and I actually might have bought the next two in the series as soon as I finished this one. I couldn’t help it, damn Amazon and that one click option. My only issue now is that I have reached where I am in the books while watching the TV series. So what to do now? Do I wait to read the next book or do I watch the TV version first. Decisions, decisions. Talk about #firstworldproblems


Finally, how CUTE is this?? It might actually be what has gotten me through this past week!


source via tumblr

I hope you laugh as much as I did!

Lau xxx


One thought on “My (weekly) favourite things and my worst traits – Day 24

  1. I went to see Gatsby last night, I absolutely loved it! I am a huge fan of Leo’s and I thought he was fantastic in it. I love Basil Luhrmann films too. I thought it was visually stunning. I am definitely going to go and see it again! :).

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