My smile – day 25

Day 26 – discuss something someone told you about yourself that you’ll never forget

I’ve been wracking my brains for this one. Firstly because I have the memory of a goldfish and secondly because I wanted something nice to write about and i’ve realised that I only tend to remember the negative things that people say. A mental note has now been made to try and change that going forward.

My grandma used to always say that I had a lovely smile and even now when I think about her I can still hear her voice saying those words. Although I have to admit I could never understand it as I have always had issues with my smile in pictures. I think maybe because they are always so posed and I look like I’m being forced to grin like a maniac. I can only assume that this isn’t my natural smile and in fact my natural smile does look nice. Unless my grandma was looking through rose tinted spectacles…

Lau xxx


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