My Week and Day 26 post

This week has consisted of…

  • Lots of pre work coffee visits – 4 in 5 days – oops. It’s becoming an obsession
  • Work
  • The Great Gatsby viewing – loved it
  • Eating sandwiches in the cinema
  • Moaning, moaning and moaning
  • Getting caught in the rain – twice
  • Waiting for estate agents
  • Making pizza dough
  • Pizza night with friends
  • West Wing viewing – Season 7; Election Day Part 1 and Part 2 😦
  • Takeaways
  • Lots of warming soup
  • An Evans sister skype session
  • Weekend lie in – waking at 10am twice – i’m in heaven
  • Meeting the new car, and missing the old one
  • Debating over the name for the new car – Penny (me) or Bubbles (the others)
  • Train travel to Horsley
  • Shopping for Gluten Free food
  • Charity shop trips
  • Country pub trip with the parentals – chicken, leek and ham pie – delicious
  • Cleaning
  • Shopping the Debenhams blue cross sale
  • Driving to get Starbucks on the weekend – another example of my coffee obsession!
  • Resting before the big 10k race tomorrow

Hope everyone has been having a lovely time. The sun has decided to make an appearance near me, which is just perfect for the bank holiday weekend. Plus i’ve still got two more days off  – bank holiday Monday and a holiday day to recover! Utter bliss. Four day weekends should be the norm.

Now back to the challenge of blogging every day…

Day 26, Sunday: Something you read online. Leave a link and discuss, if you’d like.

I’ve been debating for most of the day about what to post for this one. But then I found this while catching up on the news. It seemed appropriate what with my own, much shorter distance, run tomorrow. Plus it bought tears to my eyes – you’ve been warned.

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