A letter – Day 27

Day 27, Monday: A letter to your readers

Dear readers of Lau’s Rambling Corner,

Thank you for stopping by. In fact that’s what I’m going to be talking about today, the fact that you bothered to visit Lau’s Rambling Corner. It still amazes me that people find anything that I write on here interesting enough to come back, let alone follow me either via email or bloglovin. When I first started this here blog it was because I wanted to do something a bit more creative, to get away from the 9-5 computer time – sometimes I would spend so long doing work stuff on the computer that I’d forget that there was some much more to discover on the interweb – and give myself somewhere to ramble on about anything and everything. The fact that anyone else is interested in the things that I have to stay still kinda blows me away, and while it’s not the reason I blog it’s still lovely to see each new follower, like or comment that is left on various posts.

I’ve learnt so much about myself from starting this blog. There have been times when blogging has helped me sort out the mess that has become my brain and make me feel a little more normal again. It’s nice to just spill everything out and breathe a little bit easier because of it. It makes me wish I’d bitten the bullet sooner and given this personal blogging malarkey a go before October. I’ve always thought that i’m not worthy of having people like what I have to say – I think it comes from always being chosen last (or never), feeling like the conciliation prize – there’s no one else left to sit next to so I guess you’re better than no one. Hearing the ‘I didn’t ask you, because you’re not good enough, tall enough, strong enough’…. etc. Or getting uninvited from a wedding via Facebook – surely that deserves a face to face conversation? It starts to get to you and you start to think you’re the one with the problem, but actually I’m starting to learn that I am good enough and if others can’t see it then well, screw them. Blogging has definitely helped me get to this point. And so has this blog challenge. There have been some tough topics this month, but I’m so pleased Jenni set up this challenge, and that I decided to take part. I feel like i’m learning new things about myself with each and every post.

Well everything just got a little deep there, didn’t it?! So I’ll think I’ll end this by saying thank you for stopping by and for helping me to change the way I see myself. Here’s to many more rambling, word vomit posts in the future.

Big love always, Lau xxxx

p.s. Anyone reading this who is thinking about blogging, take it from me. Go for it. Just give it a go. You’ll learn things about yourself you didn’t know, you’ll have fun and you’ll meet some lovely, lovely people.

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