Picture this – Day 28

Today I have the day off, yes I have extended my Bank Holiday weekend to four days, basically because I did the Bupa London 10k yesterday followed by a trip to the parentals to welcome my cousin, his wife and their friend to the UK. It was the first barbeque of the year and it resulted in too much champagne, food and chatter (just as I knew it would) to be able to function properly at work today. Thank god for hindsight! So I am curled on the sofa watching old episodes of Criminal Minds with my laptop and other home comforts in easy reach, basically I am planning the laziest of days ever today. I might make it to the gym, I might not – who knows. But enough chatter as today’s post is all about pictures, just pictures. Oh dear I’ve failed already…

Day 28, Tuesday: Only pictures

Pictures old and new of things I love…

Lau xxx

One thought on “Picture this – Day 28

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