Musicality – Day 29

Day 29, Wednesday: Five songs or pieces of music that speak to you or bring back memories.

Breaking the Law – Emeli Sande

Apparently Emeli wrote this song for her sister. I heard her singing it live at the Royal Albert Hall and straight away I realised I could relate to it with thoughts towards my sisters too.

Living on the Run – Scott Grimes

This song reminds me of a summer spent by the sea in Sandbanks, Dorset when I was 18. I love Scott Grimes and his song with John Stamos in the last episode of ER is brilliant, see it on You Tube here.

True Colours

Quite possibly my favourite song ever. I’ve loved it ever since it was used in this car advert.

Swan Lake Waltz – Tchaikovsky

This music relaxes me instantly. It’s the first thing I put on if I want to calm down and chill out.

For Good – Wicked Cast

This is my favourite song from this musical. It’s also on my list of funeral songs. Maybe that’s slightly morbid but there’s no harm in being prepared!

All clips are from youtube.

Lau xx


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