Runs, football matches and sunshine – my week

This week equals…

  • Monday – bank holiday time
  • completing a 10k run in 63 minutes – woop woop!
  • road trip home to the Parents house – via Starbucks for post run coffees
  • enjoying a BBQ in the sun, while the Australian visitors shivered under lots of layers
  • cake, lots of cake
  • dodging the peacock guarding Horsley station
  • Tuesday – day off work
  • lie in until 8:15 – thanks upstairs neighbour hoovering upstairs
  • lazy sofa day
  • Wednesday – back to work
  • lots of coffee and sugar needed
  • dinner at Pizza Express
  • football watching at Wembley
  • late night chatting to family and friends
  • Thursday – another lazy evening
  • panini dinner
  • Friday – I so could not get out of bed
  • treated myself to a croissant and latte for getting to work early
  • lunchtime present shopping
  • evening on the Southbank
  • watching a preview of Strange Interlude at the National Theatre – totally gripping
  • late dinner at Pizza Express (yes again!)
  • Saturday – Lie in – 9am – lucky me!
  • 3 mile run followed by coffee – anyone else sensing a pattern
  • food shop
  • movie night and popcorn
  • new cacti
  • Sunday – Soho flea market
  • Starbucks
  • treadmill run – only 1.5 miles but better than nothing, right?
  • spinning
  • nails painted
  • catching up on episodes of Castle
  • lots of blogging


Lau xxx


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