New running shoes

The other day I mentioned that new running shoes were in my future. After my 10k run on the Bank Holiday my feet were so sore, and while that’s usual for running such distances, I’ve been getting blisters on short runs, so clearly my current shoes aren’t cutting it anymore. It’s understandable as I have had them for well over a year and have run over 60 miles in the past 5 months alone. Plus I wear them to walk to work so they do get a lot of wear time.

Anyway I’ve been looking around and at the moment I’m debating between a couple of different pairs of Nikes, but at £85-105 they aren’t cheap, so I’ve decided that i’m not going to get them until I have the money in my hand. While I do have savings that  I could take the money from I thought it would be a bit more interesting to save up for them. So here’s the plan – each time I go running, take a spin class, walk to work or go to the gym I am going to add £1 to a jar. Then when I have what I need then I can get buying. If you read my sister’s blog you might recognise this as something she mentioned on a Pinterest corner post (see it here) – shh don’t tell her she’ll think I like the idea and get big headed about it!

Now with only saving £1 per workout it’s going to take me a looong time to get the required money needed, and knowing my impatience I’ve decided that I can also add any money leftover from my monthly clothes budget. So in my May post I was £15 off my total, so that’s going straight in the jar too.

Here are my current favourite colour combinations – obviously these will transfer over to the shoes that I end up buying. Although I’m still playing with colours it does look like I prefer the bright pink sole doesn’t it!

I’ll make sure I keep you posted on how it’s all going, and of course on the shoes I decide to go for. At least i’ll have plenty of time to make a decision!

Lau xxx

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