TV, Utah and a new satchel – my weekly favourites

Greeting, lovely people. It’s another round of my weekly favourites today, although there’s a couple of complaints thrown in too! Does anyone watch Game of Thrones? I do and I love it, but I’m still not over the disaster that was the season finale. Seriously, what a boring episode in comparison to last week’s wedding excitement, I wasn’t impressed. I went in search of new Game of Thrones info to make myself feel better and stumbled across a list of British actors that we want on GofT. Totes agree with it all – bravo Hypable!

Okay, confession time – i’ve already bought myself one new bag – this is what happens when I go shopping with the Hartopp Road girls – but i’m mighty tempted to buy this Hoxton Neon Satchel too. What a gorgeous colour, if only I had £25 left on this month’s budget!


So there’s a trailer for Season 2 of Aaron Sorkin’s The Newsroom – super excited by this. I think I may have to rewatch the ten episodes from Season 1 to fully prepare for the event! No idea when it airs on UK TV but i’m hoping it’s soon.


While on the subject of Aaron Sorkin, here’s a video of bloopers from The West Wing…


In my latest Emerald Street newsletter they mentioned this blog where you can travel Utah through 3D panoramas. I’ve been playing around ever since as Utah is one of the destinations on my bucket list so this website will have to fulfil all my travelling needs until I can get there! I can’t decide what my favourite panorama is yet, either Dusk on the Great Salt Lake or Bridal Veil Falls.

And finally I have a three day week this week, so as this post goes live on Thursday I am actually galavanting around London acting as tour guide on a two day tour for my lovely Aussie family. Fingers crossed I fit in all the ‘must sees’.

Lau xxx

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