Biscuits, failed runs and tourist fun – My weekly update

This week has seen lots of fun and exciting things, as well as old favourites too…

  • Monday’s Game of Thrones season 3 finale was a bit of a let down. I was hoping for  something similar to the week before’s episode, but was hugely disappointed. Luckily Book three, part 2 helped me get over this pretty quickly. Can’t wait until Season 4 starts – it’s going to be amazing!
  • I have reawakened my love for digestive biscuits. Forget about fancy chocolate creations, sometimes a plain biscuit is all you need. On Monday night, I was craving the humble McVitie’s Digestive. So much so that I had to nip to the corner shop and get some asap. I then proceeded to devour most of the pack. Honestly though sometimes it just has to be done!
  • It turns out I can get a tan even when it rains – next time I’m putting on sunscreen as I so almost got burnt.
  • Trying to run in shorts that are too big will not end well, I got 0.3 miles in and had to give up as having to constantly hold up the shorts was messing with my running stride!
  • Sometimes all you want for dinner is pitta breads and taramasalata. But sometimes this isn’t enough so biscuits happen…
  • Only two episodes left in the weekly WWathon, fish fingers sandwich & friends catch up – sad times, now debating what to watch next.
  • Getting to wear my new wintery dress to work as the rain has started and all my summer outfits are therefore out.
  • It turns out that getting the VLOOKUP formula to work in excel is always the highlight of my day

  • There are perks to visiting Starbucks too much – you get a goody bag after the store is closed for 1 week. Lots of vouchers, a mug, coffee and chocolate coins. Happy Monday morning to me!

  • It amazes me that £1 nail varnish from Superdrug can last longer than a £5 bottle. No chips after three whole days (and still counting) – revelation
  • Apart from the abandoned run the only exercise I’ve done this week is walking – a lot of walking. Thankfully my leopard print converse are super comfortable.
  • It turns out I absolutely love sightseeing – it’s all so much fun, but so expensive! More about all the sightseeing in a separate post soon
  • Road Trips – I love a good road trips. Good music, great people and snacks!
  • I’ve also finished A Storm of Swords, 2. Blood and Gold over the weekend. What a fantastic book, the best of the series so far in my humble opinion.
  • And finally lazy Sunday evenings – just what Sunday’s were made for right!

Lau xxx

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