Food Glorious Food – my week

So according to my pictures all I’ve done this week is eat. Clearly lunch and dinner has been the highlight of my week. It’s been a pretty quiet one which I have completely loved as I was totally exhausted after all the tourist fun for the second half of last week.

As well as all the food I have managed to walk into work twice (Tuesday and Thursday) as well as get to the Gym – a run and spinning on Monday night. So hopefully any damage from all the eating has been halted! Tuesday night I headed to Cobham for a farewell dinner with the Aussie visitors. We found ourselves at Carluccio’s where I went for a tomato & mozzarella salad, Spaghetti Carbonara and a rhubarb tart. All were so delicious, I forgot how good the food was. It’s also another restaurant that has a great GF menu – aren’t I the font of all knowledge? Whilst we were there my cousins imparted the Evans family with some gifts. Not only did I receive a Bundaberg rum stubby holder – the perfect thing for an ice cold can or beer (or diet coke) and a lovely new keyring, but they also gifted us a pile of Tim Tams – only the greatest Australian chocolates of all time. Plus there were new flavours that we hadn’t tried yet. Take it from me the Double Chocolate Vanilla ones are delicious.

Thursday night was all about the baking – fresh bread and eton mess – ready for Friday night’s Guilty Pleasures evening -basically a night of good food and films with friends. As I’ve already mentioned the theme was guilty pleasures – pretty self explanatory – we watched Jerry Maguire and Step Up and gorged ourselves on bread, crackers, cheese, pringles, sausage rolls, pesto pastries, salad, dutch apple cake, strawberries, eton mess and lemon and poppy seed cake – a perfect Friday night time if you ask me.

This weekend I actually managed to have a lie in until 10:15 on Saturday. We all know how miraculous this is for me, it was amazing. After this perfect lie in I decided to make the most of the extra energy and head out for a run. I managed 4.92 miles in 53 mins. I know right, I was totally impressed with myself too! Saturday night it was cinema time. I finally got around to watching Man of Steel, the Superman film. As a huge Superman, Kevin Costner and Russel Crowe fan I knew I was going to like the film, but it wasn’t as amazing as I was expecting. I think it was the flicking between the past and present, plus I think there should have been more of a background for each characters, rather than jumping straight into the action. Talking of action, there was a bit too much (can’t believe I just said that) and it was all too similar. I mean let’s be honest there’s only so many times a superhero can get thrown through a building. Sunday was another lazy morning, doing productive admin bits and blog stuff of course. Plus I meant my Mum for some lunch at Del’Aziz, a place in Clapham Old Town that I’ve been wanting to try for ages. My parma ham and parmesan sandwich was delicious. Then it was a cozy evening out of the wind watching Miss Marple and Big Bang Theory.

I hope your week has been good.

Lau xxx

Lau xxx


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