Sightseeing the Evans way – Part 2

Here begins the conclusion of the UK sightseeing tour for the Aussie family. Early Saturday morning we set off in two cars to Bath. We decided to head straight to the Roman Baths as this was the main thing that we all wanted to do while in Bath. The Baths is another place where you get given an audio guide to tell you all the site. As you can probably tell by know I love audio guides, it means you can see everything at your own pace, so much better, plus you don’t fight with other people over space in front of the exhibit boards. Another great thing about the Roman Baths is that you can take pictures everywhere, and we all know how much I love taking pictures! It was a bit rainy, but luckily I still managed to get some good photos of the baths. The green water is so weird isn’t it.

From the Baths we wandered around the outside of Bath Abbey and then pootled around Bath popping into shops and sampling fudge along the way. Then we stopped off at the Royal Crescent for some pictures – you sort of have to don’t you. Next stop was our hotel, a beautiful Best Western in Limpley Stoke. Fi and I had a room with a gorgeous view. Plus we had a lovely bathroom with a ginormous bath, I made the most of this and had a lovely long dip with my book while others were napping and recovering from the busy days we’d been having. We all met up again in time for dinner, we decided to walk to a nearby pub as there was a wedding going on in our hotel. On the way we found a Book Box, which I’ve heard about before but never actually seen. It’s such a lovely idea, I can’t help thinking that some of the old phone boxes in London should be converted in this way. After a lovely dinner we settled in our room for a couple of board games – yes board games. You should know by now that it’s a Evans family thing!

The next morning we set off quite early, after a hotel breakfast of course! We turned up at Stonehenge literally as soon as the heavens opened – typical. Oh well we weren’t going to let a little bit of rain stop us. So again we picked up our audio guides and set off around the monument. It’s so remarkable that these are still standing, and also so impressive that these were built without machinery – mind blowing. AFter Stonehenge we set off back to London, stopping off at Marborough, a quaint little village with old buildings and a Sunday market – we stocked up on cakes and local cheeses – perfect for an up and coming evening with friends.

Lau xxx

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