Divergent, shorts and Wimbledon – weekly obsessions

Is anyone else hugely excited about the Divergent the movie? I’ve been in love with this series of books from the start, and can’t wait for the final book, Allegiant to be released in October. So clearly i’m overjoyed that there’s going to be a film version. Check out some pics from Entertainment Weekly via Hypable. Bring on the film I say.


Theo James as Four

 Check out these free meal planning printables collated by A Thrifty Mrs, aren’t they great? You may not know this but I love planning and making lists. I already try to plan meals each week so that we only buy what we actually need rather than just shopping the two for one offers and ending up with nothing to actually make meals from! Obviously when I saw her post I was totally in love. Anything that helps we make more lists is a total win in my book! I’m definitely putting number seven in a frame so that it’s easy to wipe off each week.

I’m a bit obsessed with a couple of things on the Gap website at the moment, and by that I mean SHORTS. I think it’s because British summertime has made an appearance and I am now realising exactly how minimal (i.e. nonexistent) my summer wardrobe is!

Sunkissed shorts / Boyfriend roll up shorts – both £19.99

I kinda want both pairs, surely with grey shorts and pink shorts i’ll be set for the summer?

Finally I’m completely hooked on Wimbledon again this year. I can’t believe that Rafa is out, or that the sun is still shining. What’s going on?

Happy Thursday Lau xxx

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