June budget bloggers link up

So it’s time for the June budget blogger link up where we look at what I have been buying this month? Honestly, I found it really hard to stick to my budget this month. It didn’t help that by the 7th of June I’d already spent over half of my allotted money – oopsy daisy! With that said I don’t think I did too badly, especially as Gap had a 20% off day and I’d been eyeing up some shorts and cropped trousers for what seems like forever. I have managed to stop myself buying them for now, but I’m 90% certain as soon as another voucher finds it’s way into my inbox and I’m into July I will be purchasing! As you can see I had a bit of a spree in H&M. Why do I always do that? Go into a shop and spend lots on nothing? I didn’t get anything that I actually needed and yet I spent almost £40, which is a third of my monthly budget. Next month I will try to do better and stop myself from doing this.

Budget Bloggers - June

 (1) Yellow jumper, – £12.99, (3) Grey speckled vest – £5.99, (4) Grey aztec patterned vest – £12.99 (5) White Long Vest – £3.99. So now we come to my H&M haul. The only thing I’m really happy with in this lot is the white vest as it’s a basic that I really needed. I do absolutely love the bright yellow jumper – I mean it’s a jumper, and it’s bright yellow. What’s not to love? The only problem is that it’s a bit too big. I went for the size small, but it’s still a bit baggy, I know that this is probably how it’s meant to look, but I think I’d prefer it if it was a bit more fitted. Again it’s another thing that I’m debating with myself about, it may well be on ebay soon too. The two grey tops – yes two – are both good, and needed, but they’re a bit blah. I keep finding myself choosing something else to wear rather than them.

(2) ASOS Skater Dress in Cheetah Print – £25.00 Okay, this dress I absolutely love. I’ve been looking for a patterned dress for quite some time, so once I spotted this on ASOS there wasn’t really a question about whether I should buy it or not. Plus my sister has a premium ASOS account so I was able to use her free next day delivery, which is definitely a great bonus.

(6) White and grey spotted long sleeved top, Zara via charity shop – £5.00 – I picked this top up in my local charity shop, it’s a bit of a bad picture, but there are tiny silver/grey stars all over it. I really love the pattern, but I’m not sure it’s exactly me. I’m not a huge fan or shirts, I find them uncomfortable, but I am hoping that this will be okay because it doesn’t have a full collar. We’ll have to wait and see, for now I’m keeping it, but it may just find itself on eBay in the not too distant future.

(7) Tote bag, Accessorize – £42.00 (similar) I found a new bag – yippee. I’m actually in love. I’ve been looking for a decent size bag for what seems like forever. The lining of my other favourite bag has completely ripped so I really do need this. I have to admit it was a completely unexpected purchase as I saw it and just had to buy it straight away. Also don’t you love the handy way I found to display it for the photo!

Leggings, Topshop – £12.00 (not pictures) – a bit boring, but definitely needed. I had a long argument discussion with my sister about whether leggings count towards the monthly spend, my view is that they’re in the underwear category along with tights and therefore they shouldn’t be included. She doesn’t agree so I’ve left them in.

I make that a total of £114.96 – so just under my £120 budget. Can you believe it? Hmm, maybe I should have gone to Gap after all!

For July I’ve got a couple of bits that I need to get as I’ll be off to Dublin in the first week of the month and then I’m headed to Wales for a week at the end.The plan is to fill a couple of holes in my closet and find shorts, cropped trousers and a new swimming costume of some kind. Currently the only one I have that isn’t too big is a basic speedo swimsuit. It would be nice to have something a bit more exciting just in case the Welsh sunshine makes an appearance and I can get onto the beach! Although I’m worried that i’m setting myself up to fail by thinking about what I want to get – hopefully not. Of course I will let you know how it all goes next month.

I’m linking up with Fran and the other budgeting bloggers.

Lau xx

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