Sunshine and Shakespeare – weekly update

This week has been a really good one.

  • It’s the first week of summer working hours at work – where I get Friday afternoon off as long as I make up the time on the other days. It’s the best part of the summer in my opinion!
  • I went to the gym for treadmill time as the weather was yucky on Monday
  • Plus I got to the National Theatre to see Othello – it was totally amazing. The actors are so impressive – there’s no way I could spend three hours on stage quoting Shakespeare.
  • Managed to walk to work twice this week – yay me!
  • Plus there was a last minute trip to Westfield to catch up with my sisters and my Mum. Becca was having a clothing crisis – any excuse to shop right. I picked up some summer shoes with polka dots.
  • I squealed over the series finale of Nashville – how could they end it like that.
  • Any outdoor plans for my Friday afternoon off were scuppered by the weather so instead I lazed on the sofa, ate pringles and watched Wimbledon.
  • I set off early on Saturday to Oxford Street to shop the sales at Gap and Forever 21. I was after a couple of things for next week’s trip to Dublin plus some jewellery. From the picture below I clearly did well. I picked up; a t-shirt, 2 pairs of shorts and a pair of khakis from Gap; 2 notepads from John Lewis; a jumper, 3 vests, a sports bra, a necklace, a ring, 3 pairs of earrings and some flip flops from Forever 21. Phew!
  • I got to laze on Clapham Common with an iced latte and The Forgotten by David Baldacci on my kindle.
  • I thought fully about my shopping choices and decided that I needed to return two pairs of shorts and 1 top which means £40 back to me.
  • I indulged my inner teenager and watched 10 Things I Hate About You.
  • Went for a very warm run in the sunshine – I don’t think I have ever sweated that much!
  • I had a iced vanilla latte for the first time and feel in drink love with it.
  • A simple cheese toastie is sometimes all you need. Made with Red Leicester of course.
  • Then I woke up on Sunday and the headache and tiredness that I thought might just be lack of sleep was actually the start of a head cold 😦 Which lead to a very lazy Sunday of pajamas, drugs and the sofa.

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