Favourite Things #23

It’s that time again where I share my favourite bits and pieces from the week. Basically here are all the little things that are getting me through to the weekend! You’ve probably noted the new title, if I’m honest I was having problems thinking of catchy titles so this works so much better!

Firstly, I’m totally loving the desktop calendars available from istockphoto this month. My favourite is the the second one with the images from CSA Images. I think it’s the nostalgic side of it, plus the dog with the steak in the top left corner is pretty cute! I think it goes without saying that this has already made it’s way onto my mac.

Next let us all just take a moment to squeal over how gorgeous this personalised wedding card by Violet Pickles is. I’ve just ordered one for a friend’s wedding via Not On The High Street and it arrived so quickly. Plus it’s so reasonably priced and so much better than the usual cards you find on the high street.


Also while shopping for the above card I stumbled across these cushions in the sale – cushions in the shape of biscuits? Yes please. And they’re in the sale, it’s so tempting. If only I had already recovered my sofa, then I’d have the perfect excuse to buy some new cushions.


Last weekend I managed to watch the whole series 7 boxset of How I Met Your Mother. In my defense I was feeling ill on Sunday so I really didn’t move too far from the sofa, even so it’s quite an impressive feat to watch a whole series in such a short amount of time. I wasn’t being completely anti social though as I made my sister (and flatmate) watch it with me. Fi and I are both obsessed with HIMYM. Now to start Season 8, which has been sitting on our Sky+ box for ages and ages.



And finally i’m off to Dublin tomorrow for a weekend of all things Irish. I’m so excited. I have so many plans; the bars, the Castle, sampling a pint of Guiness, strolling along the river, Trinity College, an open top bus, Museums, the GPO, those accents *claps hands in glee* and possibly the Guinness brewery tour.

Lau xxx

3 thoughts on “Favourite Things #23

  1. Did they have a custard cream cushion? Oh, that sounds so right and you just can’t beat a custard cream (or two) with a cup of tea. Nice blog!

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