Books and holibobs – my weekly update

So this post is just a little bit delayed. If you follow me on twitter or instagram you’ll know I was in Dublin this weekend. Our flight was delayed coming back on Sunday and even though there was free wifi I didn’t have my ipad (travelling light) to be all organised. Then yesterday I was out enjoying the sun. So this is the first time I’ve been able to complete this post with pics and get it onto the blog.

So here’s what’s happened last week…
…The work merger has happened and so far nothing has changed
…Meetings about the new merger means new books and if there’s one thing I know it’s that everyone in publishing loves new books
…I have needed to moan about things but the normal recipient of said moaning is MIA (in Cyprus), must find a new complaints partner for these moments!
…an evening with friends in the pub with tennis and a bacon cheeseburger
…after work running and pre-work walk to work
…a lot of Wimbledon viewing on the sofa
…being gifted the first ever Harry Hole novel from Fi
…having Friday afternoon off and heading straight to Heathrow
…chilling out in Terminal 1 with coffee, snacks and my kindle
…making the most of airport exclusives and purchasing two new books; The Astronaut Wives Club and Private Down Under
…a quick 55 minute flight to Dublin
…spending lovely sunny days in Dublin, sightseeing, taking pictures, catching up with friends, eating and experiencing Irish entertainment
…realising that Coke bottles have different names on in different places – who’d have thought it
…watching Murray win Wimbledon in Dublin Airport – Terminal 2
…going all the way to Dublin to find my own name on a Diet Coke bottle
…it turns out that a flight delay is not a problem when you’ve got tennis to watch and books to read


I’ll do a proper post about what I got up to in Dublin later this week. I hope everyone had a lovely week and enjoyed the glorious weather.

Lau xx

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