A week of fun in the sun

This week has been incredibly full on, after returning from Dublin on Sunday night I feel like I haven’t really stopped at all. So what have I been up to aside from the obvious that is work?

Monday evening was all about chores – unpacking and food shopping -fun times for me!

Tuesday saw a 3 mile run in the sunny weather, completely lovely to be jogging around Clapham Common, but also a bit uncomfortable as we all know i’m not a huge fan of running in the hot weather.

Wednesday after work I headed to Tottenham Court Road for a quick trip to Primark as I wanted to grab a couple of bits before the weekend. I picked up some new pajamas as well as the running stuff that I needed. I did make the mistake of walking there straight from work and then back again – 20 mins each way so I was a bit of a sweaty mess when I finally got on the bus outside of work to head home.

Thursday evening after work I went straight to Green Park with a group of friends. We spent a few hours lazily gossiping in the sun and picnicking on copious amounts of crisps, carrots, dips and doughnuts!

Friday meant another summer working afternoon off – bliss. I hopped straight on a train back to the parentals in leafy Surrey as there were barbecue plans afoot. After some last minute food shopping and baking – eton mess and chocolate and marshmallow fluff pie as seen on milk bubble tea – an epic family barbie occured. There was food galore, 3 chickens, steaks, chilli prawns, numerous sausages, burgers, homemade baked beans, baked potatoes and piles of salad. All followed by a fruit salad, my Mum’s pop cakes and crispy cakes, a chocolate peanut butter cake and the two puddings mentioned above. Gosh writing it all down makes it sound a bit excessive, but there were 15 people invited and 11 of these were teenagers and students who could eat for days!

Saturday saw the laziest of days ever. It went a little something like this; lie in, breakfast, walk to Clapham, too hot, veg on sofa with windows open, bit of cleaning, bit of blogging, dinner, sleep.

Sunday was all about The Color Run. The first one ever in London and it was a great event. It’s so much fun to get covered in paint! Take a look at the before and after shots! But it was so hot, I may have nearly fainted at the end, which is laughable as I barely ran any of it. I think it was the combination of the heat and lack of water. We arrived there at two and there was no shade, then I had finished my water by the time we set off at 3:20. Then there was no more water until the end – unless you count one measly plastic cup at 2.5k. Plus the water at the end was warm which was so gross and not really very helpful. Then the man at the first aid tent washed my eyes of the paint because I said I had blurred vision from feeling faint – that obviously didn’t help at all but at least he felt like he was being useful. Luckily Hannah saved the day by having a naked chocolate bar. A bit of sugar goes a long long way! Anyway I would definitely recommend this run to anyone, there were people of all ages, even kids in buggies, running, walking and dancing and everyone was so happy.

With this next week already shaping up to be a busy one – so far there’s two trips to the theatre and one pub quiz night and that’s just the first three week days! – I’m just so pleased I had a super relaxed Saturday to recover. Hope you all have a good one.

Lau xxx


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