My busy week

I’m sure last week I wrote about having an extremely busy week, well it’s that time again and although I can’t believe it’s possible, my week has been busier than ever. Seriously, how have I organised everything to happen in July? I really feel like I haven’t stopped at all yet! Thank god for my up and coming holiday to Wales – the perfect time to sit and do absolutely nothing. I’m literally planning to read, sleep, sunbathe, run, hike and eat. I’m so excited. But enough about that. Let’s look at what I’ve been up to this week –

  • Three trips to the theatre – Monday was Hot House, Wednesday saw The Cripple of Inishmann and on Friday I saw The Ladykillers. I seriously love London theatre.
  • Unintentionally seeing two Potter people in theatre productions – Daniel Radcliffe as Billy the cripple and his on screen cousin Harry Melling playing Lamb in The Hothouse.
  • Lots of lovely food outings. Food this week has consisted of Zizzi’s, Pizza Express, Belgo’s, cheese and crackers, The Shake Shack, Barbecue, leftovers and The Diner in that order!
  • Another Evans family barbecue. Lots of lovely food, meeting new ‘almost family’ people and making the most of having a garden by playing giant garden games – Jenga and pick up sticks
  • Drinks and dinner with work friends on the Southbank
  • Long friday lunches with the DK girls in Covent Garden – trying out the shake shack in Covent Garden and loving the burgers, fries and peanut butter milkshake. I think it’s dangerous that that is so close to my office.
  • Chilling out in the London parks – Clapham Common, Regent’s Park and Embankment Gardens during lunch hours and after work.
  • Heading out for a run at 8pm just to avoid the heat.
  • Disrupted sleep thanks to this heatwave.
  • Drinking lots of Iced Coffee because there’s a heatwave – anyone else sensing a theme here!
  • Making fruit smoothies post an early Saturday run to enjoy with croissants
  • Spending Sunday wandering around London Zoo on what seemed like the hottest day of the year, catching up with my lovely cousins and munching on delicious food from The Diner (again)
  • Making a last minute trip to Brooklands to go to Tesco and M&S and coming away with lots of greetings cards and lots of new clothes – yay! But oops!

Lau xxx

One thought on “My busy week

  1. Laura, thanks so much for visiting our new Covent Garden Shake Shack. We’re thrilled to be open in London! It’s great to hear you had a good first experience.

    Our team can’t wait to see you again soon at the Shack!

    Brandy, Shake Shack

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