Favourite things #27

Hello my lovely ladybugs. Yes, I’m still in Wales but I didn’t want you to miss out on hearing from me. I’ve had this post half finished for ages, but I finally got my arse into gear and finished it up the day before I went away just so I could schedule it in for today.

My favourite things post this week centres on a lovely website. Old Farm Interiors is an online shop that sells lots of lovely furniture, soft furnishings, home accessories and vintage pieces. I personally can’t stop perusing the website and window shopping for my flat – there’s so much I want to own. Why, oh why can’t I win the lottery? The company is actually owned and run by someone I know – which is probably why I love everything on it so much.

Here are my current favourite pieces

House shaped ornament display case / Wildlife Stacking Tins / Wildlife Espresso Set

Honestly my favourite thing ever is the house ornament holder. It reminds me of something similar that my grandparents used to have in their house in Dorset. It was a wooden bakers house, with people and furniture in each room. We would take it off the wall and play with it for hours! There’s definitely a nostalgia element going on when I see it.

What’s unique about this shop is that there is also a blog, detailing the ups and downs of starting a new business. If you want to take a look then hop on over here and welcome Old Farm Interiors to the blogging world.

Lau xxx


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