July reads

Greetings lovely people it’s that time again where I discuss my monthly reading failures list. So this month I’ve read four books again and started a fifth and while I’m no where near caught up with reading challenge (still 8 books behind) I feel like i’m definitely back on track. Plus hopefully i’ll come back from holiday having read loads of books.

A James Patterson session clearly happened this month with Private Down Under and I, Michael Bennett. What happened was I discovered one of these at the airport on my way to Dublin – I can’t resist airport exclusives – so bought that there and consumed most of it on the two flights. Then I discovered that there was a Michael Bennett book that I hadn’t read and I love this series for Mr JP. I have to say that I, Michael Bennett was really good, gripping and surprising and the end has left me desperate for the next installment.

The Casual Vacancy, JK Rowling – I loved The Casual Vacancy and really could hear JK Rowling’s voice in the writing. It did take me a while to get into this, but it was definitely worth perservering.

Levels of Life, Julian Barnes – this one I’ve just finished and honestly I didn’t really get the first couple of sections in the book. However the last third where Julian Barnes discusses grief was wonderful. There are numerous passages that I loved, they made me smile or nod in agreement and at one point I laughed out loud. There are some lovely quotations that have been earmarked for the quote book too.

Let’s overlook the fact that I read two James Patterson books as we all know they are super quick to read, but I do love them so! In defense of that, The Casual Vacancy is quite a hefty book so I think that equals things out. It’s not like I read a children’s book – even though I was tempted to slot in a Roald Dahl book to up the numbers!

How has everyone else’s reading month gone? Do let me know any highlights or recommendations.

Lau xxx


4 thoughts on “July reads

  1. I actually wasn’t able to read a lot last month because of the exams and stuff. But I read Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone again, just for relaxing and not having to concentrate on something new. And I have continued reading The map of the sky and began reading Life of Pi

  2. out of the four books recommended which one would you pick first to read. I am seriously hunting for a good read …The last book read by me ‘Revenge Wears Prada’ left me disappointed

    • That’s such a good question, but so hard to answer. I hate to recommend books as I don’t want others to hate them when I (normally) like them. If you’re going to force me then I’d suggest The Casual Vacancy or Private Down Under. They’re both completely different – one’s a very fast paced, highly unbelievable detective novel and the other is a story about village life, but in a more real and less whimsically magic way than the usual books you read on such topics – it’s real life I guess. I enjoyed them both in such different ways.
      Not sure if that’s the most helpful answer for you but it’s all i’ve got!

      • Hell ya it helped in someway….Your list for me reduced to two…But if i get catch hold of either I would probably go with James Patterson…I have read his few women murder series club..Still got to complete that….thanks for the reply Laura. I appreciate it

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