Catching up with friends – my week in pictures

So you may have already seen these pictures as I accidentally uploaded them before I adding any text – oops! Clearly that’s what happens at the end of a busy week.

This week has mostly been about getting back into the swing of work things, we all know that it’s always hard when you’ve had time away. To help me through the ordeal (!) I ordered a couple of new books and some Polaroid prints of my instagram pictures (more about what I’m doing with these another day), plus I also spent a lovely evening catching up with some friends – dinner, food and chatter is always needed!

On Friday I headed up to Leeds for a weekend with my favourite university girls. We had a lovely weekend get together, here’s a little bit of what we did…

  • talking and catching up on everything!
  • eating delicious turkey burgers, a picnic, croissants & thai food in Chapel Allerton
  • lazy mornings
  • strolling around Roundhay Park and Lake
  • film watching
  • shopping – I was quite restrained only buying new bedding, sale jeans and sale flip flops

All that’s left for the rest of the night is sofa time and noodles.

Lau xxx


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