Favourite Things #29

Greetings my fine and furry friends and welcome to another edition of my favourite things. I’ve been noticing a lot of lovely things around on the interweb this week so please be warned that this will be more of a sharing link post than anything else.

So without further ado take a look at this cream and lemon curd layered sponge over on raspberri cupcakes, doesn’t it look divine? I need an excuse to make this asap!

Next after seeing this post from Kath I’m sorely tempted to take up crocheting, the fact that I haven’t had time to knit anything for ages doesn’t matter of course! I’ve only just started following this blog and I’m hooked (see what I did there) already.

I saw this list of Things You Can Learn About Eating From Jennifer Lawrence the other day. Below is my favourite point, but do look at the rest. It definitely made me smile and again firmly cemented my girl crush!

This sparkle anchor tee DIY from Kristina J is certainly going on my list of things to make and do. I love it, although if I do every get around to making it I probably wouldn’t include the red flower.

Also I’m trying to organise a time to enter a run with one of my friends and during her research she stumbled across something called the Robin Hood Adventure run. I can’t find the web link now but it’s a 5 or 10k run around Nottingham, wait for it…Dressed as Robin Hood! Yes, seriously! I so want to do it. Watch this space…

And finally there’s a trailer for series 3 of Sherlock. Simply cannot wait!

Happy Thursday Lau xxx

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