Fun times from last week

Last week was my first quiet week in ages. I say quiet but yet I still managed to do an awful lot of things! It went a little something like this…

  • A Primark trip to return things turned into a trip to buy new things – why does that always happen?
  • There was early morning running and walking in – go me!
  • An evening at Wembley with family and friends. Lovely burgers at Flutes before a great match between England and Scotland. I’ve never known such a great atmosphere at a football game.
  • Thursday night takeaway night, I love a good curry as long as there’s lots of naan bread!
  • I managed to catch up on six episodes of Masterchef Australia this week – all in one sitting. Guilty pleasures alert!
  • There was a full on craft weekend with spray painting jars and vases. I also made a birthday present for someone but that won’t be revealed until after the event!
  • A trip to New Malden’s B&Q – I love that place. I could literally waste hours there.
  • Dinner at the Seahorse with half of my family – the rest are sunning it up Down Under so don’t feel too bad for them. I had baked camembert, crab & prawn linguine, followed by apple & blackberry crumble with vanilla custard. Oh and half a bottle of wine!
  • Early morning run around the countryside followed by a bacon sandwich
  • Sunday was a little bit like tidy, bake, blog, clean! In fact this tends to be my usual Sunday routine at the moment!


I hope your week was just as fun.

Lau xxx


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