Favourite Things #30

It’s that time again where I share my favourite bits and bobs from this week…

Firstly I booked tickets to see Wakey! Wakey! and Ron Pope in London when they’re touring next year – queue huge excited squeals! Since booking the tickets I have obviously been listening to a lot of music from both of these artists and I can’t wait for the new Wakey album so that I can get learning the new songs. To be honest February can’t come soon enough now!

Next I’m loving the Thank You – #YouAreFootball – Barclays Premier League 2013 advert. I first saw it on Saturday when I was waiting for the Swansea Vs. Man Utd match to start, but I’ve watched it online plenty of times since. It just gives me goosebumps and it’s possible that the little old man might just make me teary eyed!


This week the skin and blister (fyi that means sister in cockney rhyming slang) wrote this lovely post about our Grandma. It’s the kind of post I wish I could write but whenever I try my words get all jumbled up. For now I’ll happily read Fi’s words instead.

Has anyone else tried the Twix mix chocolates yet? The sis and I picked up a sharing bag at the beginning of the week and we have been steadily making our way through them all week. They’re so good and very moreish. Now nom nom!

It’s always good to know that I’m not the only one who has problems buying trousers. Check out Fran’s trouser review here and be pleased that it’s not just you! This is exactly why I always buy dresses!

Also I noticed this week that I’ve hit the 100 mile mark with my running this year. Since the middle of January I’ve been using the Nike+ app to help me keep track of things and as of August 20th I have run 112.7 miles. It’s actually more than that as I am still waiting for the Nike+ help team to upload data that didn’t sync properly, apparently I didn’t run at all in March – but let’s ignore that before I get annoyed at the slowness that is their customer service! So a hip hip hooray for me for running that far in the last seven months.

And finally I’m hooked already on The Great British Bake Off. Love it, love it, love it. 

Happy Thursday Lau xxx

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