Squirrel, Squirrel!

I have been in love with this squirrel jumper ever since I went shopping for my summer holiday wardrobe and saw it in M&S. I picked it up at least five times before telling myself that I didn’t need it for a summer trip to Wales – I was right Wales was lovely and warm and there was no need for a Squirrel jumper – but still I’ve regretted not buying it ever since. It’s just so lovely that I smile just looking at it. Plus it’s less than £30 which is bargainaeous considering the number of times I know I will wear it in the Autumn and Winter. Can you hear me trying to convince you that it’s okay for me to buy it?!



Anyway I had kind of put it out of my mind and then I saw it on Domestic Sluttery in their Animals Getting All Up In Your Jumper Grillz post and all the lovely feelings mentioned above just reappeared. I swear now I want it even more and you just know that it’s going to be sold out now that it’s been mentioned online. In fact that’s exactly what happened to the navy pug dress I wanted. Actually that was mentioned on DS and it was from M&S too. Hmmm I’m sensing a theme going on here!

So watch this space guys I may just be heading to an M&S this bank holiday weekend and perusing their animal collection.

Plus as it’s a squirrel jumper I just had to share this clip with you – Classic!


Happy Bank Holiday people, here’s to a lovely three day weekend.

Lau xxx

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