The Newsroom, running and eating! – weekly update

I am currently super relaxed thanks to the wonderfulness that is a British Bank Holiday. I’m going to ignore the fact that this is the last weekend of August and instead focus on the three day I have off instead! This is actually the first weekend for months where I have had no plans, yes I’m actually serious and can I just say it have been absolutely blissful. I wish it would last forever. So here’s what I’ve been up to…
Using my new mouse pad from the Paperchase sale. It certainly brightens up my desk at work
wpid-20130820_155056.jpgCatching up on The Newsroom in anticipation for the new series.
Catching up with my oldest friends with a long lazy evening snacking, chatting and drinking green tea
wpid-IMG_20130820_070104.jpgBaking and icing whoopie pies, check out the recipe here

Running and then collapsing on the sofa to watch The Great British Bake Off
wpid-IMG_20130820_183125.jpgWalking to and from work on the same day – 2 hours of walking – I must be mad!
Drinks and dinner with lovely work people – there were less of us than anticipated but that didn’t dampen the fun at all. First there was cocktails during happy hour before soaking up some alcohol with a trip to Five Guys – a review will follow soon. I love working around Covent Garden!

Avoiding the rain by running on the treadmill at the gym.
wpid-IMG_20130824_112425.jpgConvincing Fi that she should try a Ramen dish at Wagamamas

Watching Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince with oreos and a quilt while feeling sorry for my ill self on the sofa.
wpid-1377373455003.jpgMeeting my Dad for brunch/lunch in Clapham before a Starbucks and some shopping to add to my monthly budget post.
And now i’m watching Lord of Rings while blogging and procrastinating over whether to run or not.
Hope you are all having a lovely long weekend too.
Lau xxx


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