Favourite Things #31

Hello, hello, me again. It’s time for another round of Laura’s favourite things seen, heard and eaten this week!

Firstly let’s discuss Story of my Life’s Blogtember challenge. Do you remember way back in May when I took on Jenni’s Blog Every Day Challenge? Wasn’t it great? What’s that you missed it? For a recap take a look here, or see my favourite posts from particular days 18141827 and 28. Anyway, back to Jenni you see she’s only gone and decided to set another challenge – this time to blog 20 days out of the 30 from the month – and I am so so tempted. What do you think should I give it a go? The only downside is that I’m away for a week in September, so i’ll need to be super organised beforehand to get things scheduled in. Is anyone else thinking of giving this a go? I can highly recommend it.

The lovely ladies at Domestic Sluttery pointed out Abigail Ahern’s home collection for Debenhams. Check it out here. I’d like the Penguin lamp and the candlesticks please. Is it too early to add them to my Christmas list?


Penguin / Candlestick

I’m also intrigued by Laura Wilson’s list of the Top 10 Crime Novels to read before you die via @welovebooks. Being a crime novel lover I definitely want to dive into some of these soon.

This week I’ve also discovered Pret coffee. The Vanilla Latte is delicious and has a real coffee kick – just what I need post bank holiday weekend. It’s also convenient that there’s a Pret right next to my office.

Talking of bank holidays I absolutely love this four day week that we’ve been having. Although It’s got me super confused about what day it actually is. Today feels like a Tuesday, it’s a Thursday. Can’t really complain though as that means the week is going a lot faster than expected!

Have a good rest of the week everyone

Lau xxxx

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