A Trip to Five Guys – my review

Last Thursday I headed with a couple of work buddies to Five Guys in Covent Garden for some post drinking grub. Yes, chatter about Five Guys opening in London is all over the Interweb, normally with comparison talk about the Shake Shack – FYI, I’ve been there too – it’s good! So anyway I thought I’d discuss it on here to let you all know what I thought. You know me; I absolutely love food and I also love talking about food!

First things first, this is located very close to where I work – dangerous times ahead! We arrived at about 8pm on a Thursday night and joined the back of the line outside the shop – basically there’s a polite English queue to get into the shop – I guess it’s so it doesn’t get too crowded and manic in there. I’m hoping that post Summer Hols this disappears  both the queue outside and the crowd of people. There are lovely queue minder people who come along to chat to you about the menu, how it works and of course tell you how long the queue is. For us it was a lovely lady (didn’t get a name, sorry) who explained that it would probably be about a 15 minute wait – that’s fine we said as we weren’t in a hurry. We actually struck up quite a good conversation with the queue lady and thank god we did as she gave us invaluable information, that I’m going to share with you now…portion sizes. Yes portion sizes. So apparently the normal burger, cheese burger or bacon cheeseburger has two patties in it. Yes two patties, thank god we found this out. After hearing this we decided to go for the ‘little’ portion of burgers and fries. I had originally thought that these were the kids meals – but apparently not.

Anyway after hearing that little nugget of information we soon found ourselves at the front of the queue and headed into the restaurant. While you’re queuing at the counter you are standing next to a huge box of monkey nuts which are there for you to help yourself to. I know it’s only a small gesture but it really makes a difference. I stepped up to the counter and ordered my food, then headed to the pick up counter where you can watch your food being cooked.

For £12 I got:

a little bacon cheeseburger – even though it was a small burger it was still plenty big enough. The cool think about Five Guys is you can top your burger with as many toppings as you want, from mushrooms to salad, ketchup and barbecue sauce. Even though we had this option I stuck to just a simple bacon cheeseburger as it’s such a classic and is just my favourite burger combo.

little fries – these were skin on fries and were completely delicious. My only negative comment (if you could call it that) is that the portion was still absolutely huge. When I go back I think i’ll share this size with someone.

a refillable soft drink – the drinks machine is another quirky thing about this burger place. Basically there’s two machines for drinks that give over 200 different flavours. No lie, you pick your main drink, Coke, Fanta still, lemonade etc and then you get all the other options. For example after picking Diet Coke I could have gone for the vanilla, cherry or lime (among other flavours that I can’t remember now). The cups are refillable so you can go up and try again and again. I was boring and went for a Diet Coke – creature of habit, sorry!

There are booths and tables in the restaurant and there’s a downstairs section or you can takeaway. There was some great music playing quite loudly which really helped set the tone to the place and we had no issue getting a table which always helps. Overall it was the perfect place to go after a few drinks, it was quick, tasty and a bit fun too. I’d definitely suggest it if you’re nearby sometime. You can check out the website and full menu right here and plan your trip!

Happy burger eating!

Lau xxx


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