Shopping in August – Budgeting bloggers link up

How is it the end of August and monthly budget time already? This has been a great month for me shopping wise (although if I’m being honest when isn’t it?) as I’ve managed to tick off both trousers and a blazer off my list as well as managing to stick to my budget too – what a great way to end the month! So what did I buy? Take a little peak below..

1. Aubergine dress with leather sleeves, Primark – £13.00 – I love this dress, it’s so me with the skater style and that gorgeous colour, plus I think the sleeves give it that little something extra.


2. Yellow leather flip flops, Gap – £6.99 (originally £16.95) – Yep, I finally bought these flip flops from Gap after mentioning them way back when in this Summer Wishlist. I waited for the sale and it was totally worth it, as they’re less than 50% now. Just in time for my Portugal trip too!


3. Pink skinny jeans, Zara – £9.99 (originally £19.99) – Isn’t the colour of these jeans just lovely? I’ve never bought jeans from Zara before, honestly it’s one of those shops that has always been slightly intimidating I think it’s the sleek shop and shiny floors that just isn’t really that welcoming. Plus back in my ‘fat’ days nothing in this shop would have fitted and I sort of still expect this to happen when I go in there. Anyway these are supersoft and super stretchy skinny jeans and I’ve worn them so many times since I bought them. They actually go with anything as I have so many plain tops and jumpers. I’d actually buy these at the full price of £20 – bargainaeous in my humble opinion. I’m already on the look out for a black pair for the winter.


4. Blue blazer, Primark – £7.00 (originally £14.00) Honestly how could I not get this when it is only £7 in the sale? Yes I got two blazers this month – it’s that age old thing of can’t find something for ages and then you find two at the same time. Well I grabbed this and the black one below as soon as I saw them in Primark. As let’s be honest if you don’t buy it when you see it then you will never see it again! The cut of this jacket is perfect and the electric blue colour is a great staple while being a bit different.


5. Black cross body bag, Primark – £8.00 – Another thing I’ve been searching for is a slightly bigger cross body bag in black. My smaller brown, green and navy bags can’t quite fit everything I need for everyday life. Both my sister and my friend have this one in teal and aubergine and have both been raving about the size and the number of pockets. So when I saw the black version I ran for the till!

Screen shot 2013-08-28 at 13.45.15

6. Skinny Grey Cords – Red Herring @ Debenhams – £28.00 – I love my dark green cords and have been bleeting on about getting another pair soon in a more neutral colour. After trying them on and finding that they fitted perfectly I then proceeded to debate over which colour; grey or black. I went with the grey in the end but I have a feeling that the black pair may appear in my wardrobe soon.


7. Wine Lace Top – Dorothy Perkins – £16.00 – I think may be obsessed with this colour! It’s such a pretty top and bridges the gap between comfortable and smart so well.


8. Black blazer, Primark – £14.00 – Yep, here’s the second blazer, now check out the lining on the sleeves. They’re polka dots guys! I love polka dots!

Also last month I happened to be visiting my friend in Leeds while she was midway through a huge wardrobe clear-out and she spent most of the weekend trying to offload clothes onto me. Being the lucky lady that I am I managed to come away with a couple of pairs of shorts – perfect for my trip to Portugal next month.

So the total this month is a brilliant £102.98 so i’m £17.02 under budget. Woop woop for me!

As usual I’m linking up with Fran and the other budgeting bloggers so hop on over and see how everyone else did.

Lau xxx


4 thoughts on “Shopping in August – Budgeting bloggers link up

  1. Really? you avoided Zara? To be honest, it is one of my favorite shops, but when you consider how less good shops there are in Germany, then Zara has to be one of my favorites.
    I love the dress. It is very special. Another thing you would never find in Germany. And I love the bags in Primark 🙂 they are so beautiful and cheap 🙂

  2. Wow, I love that maroon lace top you got…and the pink jeans! I’ve been looking for a similar pair of jeans for ages but haven’t been able to find any that I like or that fit…and I’m in love with lace these days (somehow I have 5 lace dresses…embarrassing…) so the top you got is my favorite!!

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